Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Live and Learn: Exciting Oven Fire Edition

Did you know you have to clean your oven by hand before using the "self clean" function? Well, you do, especially if the bottom is coated in olive oil. We had an exciting oven grease fire this morning and the auto lock prevented us from opening the door to put it out, which probably saved our home if not our lives as we read later that opening the door would have been the worst thing we could have done. It went out on its own after we turned the oven off. And I'm sure my freaking out in front of it helped a great deal, too.

All that's left now is lingering smoke and my legs feel like jello. I panic well. It's a gift. My husband, on the other hand, has all the nerves of a cucumber. In fact, he's the one who saw the fire. "Oh," he says casually,"there's a fire in there." I thought he must be talking about a child's drawing or something as nobody would talk so calmly about a REAL FIRE! "Well, one of us needs to stay calm," he told me later. Yes, and apparently the other of us needs to panic.