Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Toe by Toe

I want to mention this little handbook because it has been a big benefit to our homeschool. It is an easy to use, twenty minutes per day, systematic and explicit manual for strengthening reading skills. There is no prep work for the parent and the kids don't mind these simple exercises. My kids have thanked me for doing this with them because, they say, "It makes my schoolwork so much easier." The kids have noticed their improved reading skills and I certainly see the difference it has made. All students can benefit as it will improve reading even if the student is a good enough reader to begin with. I highly recommend this book!

NB: It is not really "Multisensory" as it claims. For me, this is actually a benefit. There are just too many reading skills to learn all of them in clay. What the manual does is ask you to gather all the skills your student didn't master in the allocated time and suggest you use multisensory methods to teach just those. Now that's practical.

Here's their website.