Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Few Things I Love

Yesterday, I was making a snack of strawberries and cream for myself when Zachary gasped, "Watch out Mom, you know how the Zachary-who-was-president died?" I didn't. "It was cherries and cream. It killed him." "Really? How would that kill someone?" "It was bad cream," Zachary said, "Just be careful." I know he wasn't really worried about me. He just remembers everything and has this overpowering need to share what he remembers when he remembers it. He'll work it into the conversation, no matter how strange it sounds. I love that about Zachary.

When I woke up this morning, my husband and three oldest had already been to Mass. As I got my coffee, Nicholas told me with a devilish grin that Dad had brought home doughnuts for breakfast and that he'd eaten two. As he said this, his eyebrows lifted and fell with alternating excitement and shyness. He can't contain his excitement but he also can't hold up under the attention his excitement brings. The result is this alternating expression I know so well. I love that about Nicholas.

The boys have been working on a "Nature Reserve" in our woods. They rake paths and put up signs made from scrapped wood and poster paint. Driving to piano this morning Jacob asked me what we have going on Saturday. "Simeon has baseball, why?" I said. "Well," he began, "it is the one year anniversary of the Nature Reserve and I was hoping to host an event there and open it to the public." Jacob may seem like just a kid with messy hair and dirt stained jeans raking leaves in the woods, but there's a whole lot going on in that mind of his. When he opens up a bit and shares some of that with me I always feel like a lucky girl. I love that about Jacob.