Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Can't Trust Just Anyone With Your Lizards

If you asked me how my weekend went I'd probably say that the weather was amazingly beautiful on Friday and Saturday. After giving him a haircut and dropping Simeon to leave on a weekend camping trip with the boy scouts, I pruned the rose bushes out front and thoroughly cleaned the back porch getting it ready for spring. I even picked up a new coffee table for the porch and some fresh colorful flowers and pillows. Saturday was St Joseph's feast day which ended a very important novena I had been praying and now I'm just anxiously awaiting the answer. I did laundry, housework and cooking and I worked four hours of appointments with Creighton clients.

This morning, our oldest son returned from his camping trip and I was amused to overhear his brothers telling him about their weekend. "So, what did you guys do while I was gone?" Simeon asked.

The answer went something like this: We had four cheese pizzas and watched Open Season 3. Jacob slept in your bed and Saturday we went to Wendy's for lunch with Dad while Mom was working. We played at Alex's house in the woods, but had to run home because we heard a Timber Rattlesnake and Jacob saw it! We had rides in the wheelbarrow until Zachary got hurt. We caught five lizards and let some go. The rest we gave to Austin (the neighbor boy) to keep safe for us.

"You let Austin take some of your lizards?" Simeon said incredulously, "You can't trust just anyone with your lizards."

True enough.