Monday, February 21, 2011

Micah Speak

Micah talks, but not always in the usual way. Most of us understand him and you might sometimes, too, but much of what he says is in his own distinctive style. "Buckin' in!" (buckle in) he says when he wants to go for a ride in the car. "Where-zu-bruzus?" means, of course "Where are my brothers?" "Hungy and tirty" are requests for food and drink. He also has a habit of pronouncing "p" for "s" which makes for interesting situations. For example, he washes his hands with water and "poap" and his favorite meal is homemade "chicken poup."

Today, though, I noticed a new trend. His favorite pal these days is big brother Nicholas and Micah calls him "Nick-u-nis." When the two are together and I ask Nicholas a question like "Did you have breakfast, Nicholas?" Micah turns to him and asks in his own way "Break-u-nis?" Or later, when I asked Nicholas to join us on a walk Micah asked him repeatedly, "Walk-u-nis?"