Monday, February 28, 2011

I Like These Kids

Micah wrote all over the van upholstery with red permanent marker today. Yes, ALL OVER. We discovered that white board cleaner and a little elbow grease really improved things, so we ran out and bought two large bottles and a package of paper towels. On the way home, the boys asked to stop at Red Box and rent a game for the Wii and so we did. When we pulled in the driveway the oldest announced, "We can't play the Wii game until we have cleaned the whole van." "That's right," the others agreed, "Not until it looks like new."

"Wow," I said, "You guys are strict."

"Yes," my oldest said, "We learned it from you."

And honey, if you are reading this at work you will be happy to know that they delivered. It does look like new. Amazing.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


We received some worrisome, but inconclusive, news at an early ultrasound this week. We'd gone to the ultrasound to see a heartbeat meant to reassure us in light of the low progesterone levels. Well, we didn't see a heartbeat or a baby for that matter. The "fetal pole" as it is called at this stage, was absent. We were devastated. The ultrasound remains inconclusive on its own, however, because there are a few possible explanations including misdated pregnancy, older ultrasound equipment and other unknown factors that could (maybe) explain why we didn't see what we were supposed to see. Early ultrasounds can be tricky. Still, my doctor sent me home with instructions to come back to his office or head to the ER if (when) I experience miscarriage. A second ultrasound in a week or two will likely be more conclusive. In the meantime, I'm in limbo. Let's just say my kids have watched an awful lot of television in the last 56 hours. (Also, cucumbers do work to reduce puffiness around the eyes)

I've hesitated to write anything here concerning this, as I certainly never wanted to take everyone who was happy with us on this miserable ride. At the same time, there is hope and so I want to ask you for your prayers. It's a long string of slim chances, but we're holding onto it. It would be easier to give up, to move on mentally to grieving, healing and thoughts of trying again. It would be easier, but I think God wants us to have the courage to hope against the odds for a time. Hope, I am beginning to learn, is not faith that God will hand us a particular outcome. It is the investment of ourselves with trust that, whatever the outcome, there is deeper meaning and a higher purpose to our joy and suffering. Both are worth embracing fully.

Humbly and gratefully then, I ask your prayers for a little unborn soul who has already brought us so much joy. Also, that, whatever the outcome, we be brought closer to Him through this experience.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Micah Speak

Micah talks, but not always in the usual way. Most of us understand him and you might sometimes, too, but much of what he says is in his own distinctive style. "Buckin' in!" (buckle in) he says when he wants to go for a ride in the car. "Where-zu-bruzus?" means, of course "Where are my brothers?" "Hungy and tirty" are requests for food and drink. He also has a habit of pronouncing "p" for "s" which makes for interesting situations. For example, he washes his hands with water and "poap" and his favorite meal is homemade "chicken poup."

Today, though, I noticed a new trend. His favorite pal these days is big brother Nicholas and Micah calls him "Nick-u-nis." When the two are together and I ask Nicholas a question like "Did you have breakfast, Nicholas?" Micah turns to him and asks in his own way "Break-u-nis?" Or later, when I asked Nicholas to join us on a walk Micah asked him repeatedly, "Walk-u-nis?"

The Lunch that Keeps on Giving

Out on our walk today, I offered Nicholas a snack. "No thanks," he said, "I'm still burping up my hot dog from lunch."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today, you should go Congratulate Kate! I love pregnancy buddies.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prayers, Please

I got the results of my lab work late today and while the Hcg looks great, my Progesterone is dangerously low. I begin supplementation tomorrow. I have done this once before successfully and so I have reason to hope that all will be well. Still, I worry. Also, I know that you love babies and that prayer changes things. Please think of baby Temple whenever or wherever it is that you pray. We would be forever grateful. Thank you.

Green Thoughts

My boys can be impatient waiting at a red light. To pass the time, I always tell them to "think green thoughts." So, they shout things like "broccoli," "frogs," and "Oscar the Grouch" hoping that their green thought will be the magic one that turns the light green.

Then today, on the way to piano we were heading toward a green light and Zachary shouted, "hot peppers!" The light turned yellow and then red. As I pulled to a stop Zachary sighed, "I meant to say hot peppers NOT YET RIPE."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So, We Ran into Some Neighbors We Hadn't Seen All Winter

Nicholas: Mom, you said we'd go for a long walk, but instead you had a long talk.


The first seedling has spouted in the garden, the birds are singing, the sun is shinning, there's new sand in the sandbox and we're signing up for baseball today. Welcome, spring!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you, again, to everyone who commented or sent email or has wished us well. Thank you for your prayers and kindness. It truly has been a blessing on top of a blessing for us to hear from so many wonderful people: From mothers and fathers, young people, and even MONKS...thank you so much Brothers of Emmaus for your prayers! We are blessed by all of you. Thank you for reminding us of the community of saints and the encouragement and blessing we can be to one another. Your joy has increased ours and for that, I cannot thank you enough.

In light of feeling so fine, I am having lab work done to be sure that everything is well. One of the great blessings of my work with Creighton FertilityCare is that I am in touch with fantastic pro-life doctors who know more than the average doctor about these things and the lab work can be timed more precisely so that we can be sure of the results. I feel almost certain that all will be well. Your prayers are all the more reassuring. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

St Valentine Would be Proud

Zachary came downstairs today with two books for me Love as Strong as Death and No Greater Love, both about martyred saints. "Here," he said, "I thought these would be good for Valentine's Day."

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thank you for your kind emails and congratulations. I didn't think anything could increase my joy, but your sharing in it has done just that. Thank you!

I've had a few requests, now, to open comments on my "Lucky Number Seven" post. Some of these requests came in the form of mild complaints. Ahem... Margaret actually said I was being a bit "stubborn." Can you believe that? Me? So, to show Margaret, I have opened comments on that post. In all sincerity, thank you Margaret, and all of you for sharing in our joy! Your kindness and your prayers are so much appreciated.

Lucky Number Seven

Seven Quick Takes: We're Expecting Number Seven Edition

1a. We're thrilled!

1b. One of the fun things about your husband working from home half the week is the ability to march into his office in the middle of a conference call he's on with a whole bunch of other lawyers and show him a positive pregnancy test. He just pointed at me and said, "Thank you for that," like I was a secretary handing him a memo he'd asked me to type.

2. I've really enjoyed seeing my husband grow in this area. He's gone from being absolutely terrified when I told him about our first pregnancy to filing the news away to be discussed later at lunch now that we're expecting our seventh child. There is no fear anymore. Experience has taught him just how to balance hard work and trust in Providence and so all the anxiety he had about providing for us when he was young has melted away and all that remains now is the joy. Pro-life men are real men, I always say. They aren't afraid to be fathers, they aren't afraid to be husbands, they aren't afraid to be men. I love my pro-life man.

3. I've never felt better. Seriously, food tastes better, everything smells better, I have more energy than ever and a very positive outlook. My hair is even softer and curlier. I haven't felt this good since our first pregnancy which, sadly, ended in miscarriage. Does this concern me?

4. You bet it does. I'm concerned every day that something isn't right, but it's not like I don't have any symptoms. I just have very different symptoms. For example, the other day I was sitting in the van in the Walmart parking lot enjoying beets straight from a can while worrying terribly that I didn't have pregnancy symtoms. Then, I just reminded myself that I was eating BEETS out of a CAN in the Walmart parking lot and really ENJOYING it, and that this really isn't normal non-pregnancy behavior for me. Even so, your prayers for healthy pregnancy are appreciated.

5. The boys are thrilled!

6. I expect to have to answer the question about what gender we're hoping for this time around many, many times before we actually know. In fact, I've already had to answer that one a few times. I have a long and a short answer, but they both come down to this: This child is a gift to our family from God and I trust He knows what He's doing. We'd be happy either way.

7. Baby Temple is due in early October.

Seven Quick Takes is hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Found in the Pantry

Do they make traps for these?
That chair, he pushed it in there to reach the cookie shelf.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Sense He Makes

Jacob's schoolwork today asked him to choose the correct word to complete the following sentence:

The boy (disliked, disagreed, dislodged) cake and ice cream.

Me: Jacob, why did you choose disagreed, here, instead of disliked?

Him: I thought disliked was the right answer, but who doesn't like cake and ice cream? So then I thought he'd disagree.

Blowing the Dust Off the Blog, Here

I'm hoping to get posting here more regularly again. It's been a while as I've been focused on my work with Creighton Fertilitycare, but thankfully that's much lighter now. In the interim, I have been hanging out on Facebook a bit (it's so easy). So, if you're on Facebook and haven't yet, please friend me. So, that's it for now. Maybe I'll get a picture up later to please my mother and slowly get this ball rolling again.