Friday, November 05, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

Beer. That's what it takes to get rid of fruit flies. We had a particularly bad infestation and I tried everything to get rid of them including letting the kids stand on my counters and slap at them. Finally, I tried a little beer at the bottom of two wine glasses with a drop of dish soap placed under a high pressure faucet to create a foaming top layer. The flies can't resist the beer and when they try to get close to it they get trapped in the bubbles. Victory! But I don't know that I'll be able to use these wine glasses ever again.

Micah likes to sing, "I've got joy, joy, joy, joy...down in my heart...where? down in my heart...and I'm so happy, so very happy." Of course it sounds more like this when he sings it..."Goy, goy, goy, goy...sooo appy, soooo appy...goy, goy, goy, goy." It's music to my ears.

Do you have well water? We do. It has damaged my hair. It wasn't so bad that I did anything about it right away, but it was enough that I noticed a difference in the quality of my hair over time. A whole house filter would probably be a good idea, but for now we just replaced our shower head with one of these and it works, I'm happy to say.

Speaking of well water, it doesn't have Floride which might explain why we've had cavities for the first time ever after moving here. It's just been baby teeth, thank goodness, but we need to supplement. The pediatrician set us up with six different prescriptions with six different co pays and six child proof bottles to open each morning and refill each month. Let's say, we haven't been very consistent with this method. The dentist this week told me to just buy Floride rinse and line the little ones up like ducks each night and be sure they swish it and don't swallow. With the little ones losing baby teeth now, it's time to ACT.

We had a really great Halloween this year. We went around our own neighborhood for the first time and since we are the kids in the neighborhood, we got lots of attention at each house. We were invited in, had our costumes admired and pictures taken, and I learned as we were going around that some neighbors had actually asked the boys what kind of candy they wanted and had shopped around for it. So we spent the evening really visiting with our neighbors and returned home happy with bags filled with special order candy and personalized treats. I hope my kids know how good they have it.

There's a family of Guinea hens roaming the neighborhood. We think they might have been blown in on the last storm and may be a long way from home. I hope they find their way again, but in the meantime the boys enjoy spotting them. They were in our yard this morning, bobbing about and walking in circles. Funny birds.

Our Kitty, Tipsy, feels like a part of the family now. I remember the day I told my husband over the phone that we were taking care of a stray for the day and that I wasn't sure who it was that dropped her off or where he lived exactly. My husband did not laugh with me. "I need an exit strategy," he insisted. Now, Jeremy picks up and pats her and brings her to me to show me how she purrs for him. I wonder if we could get a dog, too...
(Ha! Just checking to see if you're reading, dear.)