Saturday, September 11, 2010

When the Cat's Away, the Mice Eat Nutella

I'll be in NY all this week, finishing my Creighton FertilityCare training. It's been going well, almost too well. I'm just about booked and find my client load a little heavier than ideal. Thankfully, a third person will be going out in October to begin training and between three of us practitioners here, we'll be able to share the load. It's so exciting to see all the interest and it has been a privilege to serve so many wonderful couples. Your continued prayers are appreciated.

I'm leaving behind all my men and I'm finding that a bit hard. Can they live without me? I trust they can for a week. My husband is holding the fort, taking care of the baby and homeschooling all this week, good man. He even went grocery shopping to stack the shelves with food he can prepare. I looked about and saw frozen lasagnas, plenty of boxed cereal, dried fruit, brownie and pancake mixes, Nutella, and Rootbeer. So, my guess is they'll be just fine.