Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Word

In my inbox and in the combox of Kate Wicker's article at Faith and Family, some people have questions concerning the progesterone used by Napro physicians to treat postpartum depression. I assure you that they use all-natural, bio-identical, plant-derived progesterone. In fact, all the hormones they use to treat depression are natural. These are NOT synthetic hormones. They have no side effects, are not addicting, and are in no way bad for your health.

Also, many people have suggested helps toward recovery such as natural progesterone creams, exercise, and vitamins. These are all great suggestions and very helpful, if not vital for maintaining strong physical and mental health. However, it can be hard to keep up with the regimen and even when you do, sometimes these things just aren't enough. Still others think Napro won't work for them because they have taken oral progesterone at the suggestion of their midwives or doctors without success. These treatments are not the same as Napro and nowhere near as effective.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I will say again that the treatment offered by NaProTechnology and NaPro physicians is immediate and dramatic. While a small percentage of women may not benefit from this help, NaProTechnology has a 95% success rate in the treatment of PMS, PMDD, and PPD. That's right, 95%.

Lastly, while Napro works for me, I'm not suggesting it for that reason alone. I'm suggesting it because through my work as an intern I have become aware that it is working for women all over the world and I would like to see more women benefit.

I would advise anyone seeking this treatment to find a FertiliyCare professional close to you. Your FertilityCare practitioner is trained to identify potential problems, monitor your health and refer you for treatment or prevention.