Monday, February 15, 2010

Turn of Events

Years ago, my father sponsored me to fly out to Nebraska and take a course offered at Creighton University that was the first requirement toward certification to become a Fertility Care practitioner in the Creighton model. When I returned home, living in rural NH as we were at the time, I couldn't find enough clients to complete my certification and so I never finished. That was that, or so I thought.

What I didn't realize is that all things happen for a reason. Since moving here, we've joined a parish with a dynamic pastor who promotes the Church's teaching on marriage and life issues with fresh perspective and without apology. I might have mentioned before that he's been encouraging me gently to see how I might help. He may not even know he's done that, but he certainly has and I've been praying about it for some time now. Through a series of events and an overwhelming demand for women's heath care from a Catholic perspective in our parish and the surrounding areas, I now find myself returning to Creighton to begin again and complete what I started.

It is rather surprising to me, but also not at all surprising to announce that my parish will be sponsoring me to become a Creighton model Fertility Care practitioner. I will be working closely here with a dear friend who is also training under the sponsorship of the parish and a local doctor to help women suffering from such things as hormonal depression and repeated miscarriage. We will offer natural, affordable, and highly effective alternatives to IVF. We will also be giving couples the tools they need to understand their fertility, and hopefully thereby strengthen marriages and families.

This is really an exciting turn of events for me. I have so much peace about it that I have reason to hope good things will come of this. It may be a long way off, but we dream of one day opening our own Gianna Center here as a beacon of hope for new life and genuine respect for femininity. Your prayers for this cause would be so much appreciated.