Saturday, February 06, 2010

Nautical Flags

Our nautical flags from The Land of Nod finally arrived. I didn't like paying so much for shipping, I didn't like how long it was before they shipped, but now that they're here we're very happy.

According to the Dangerous Book for Boys they read from left to right: GOLF: I require a pilot, CHARLIE: I am on fire and have dangerous cargo, OSCAR: man overboard, WHISKEY: I require medical assistance, YANKEE: I am dragging anchor, FOXTROT: I am disabled; communicate with me, NOVEMBER: Negative, KILO: I wish to communicate with you, VICTOR: I require assistance.

So, basically, we're disabled, dragging anchor, on fire, in need of a pilot, medical assistance, and somebody is overboard. It's like Valentine's conversation hearts for boys.