Friday, February 05, 2010


Baby Micah learned the word "hot" early on. He loves food and would eat it right out of the cooking pot on the stove, but we hold him off, "Hhhot....hhhot." He likes the fire in the fireplace, too, but we caution, ""

When he started using the word himself, however, we discovered that it had a larger meaning for him than just, "This thing has a quality such that were you to touch it, you would be burned."

"Hhhhot...hhhot," he whispers in reverence before a computer screen he'd like to touch. "Hhhot, hhhot," he says touching a statue of Mary and the infant Jesus.

For Micah, "hot" means something more like, "This thing has a quality such that it makes me very excited and I really really want it, but I have to wait or stay back or be careful around it and I can't just take it, though I want to."