Friday, February 05, 2010

Christianity is Not for the Faint of Heart

In the readings these last few weeks, we've witnessed Saul stepping into a cave to "relieve" himself, David killing a giant Philistine, and today we got John the Baptist's head on a platter.

These things have a way of getting the boys' attention and they've asked a lot of questions--a lot of tough questions like, Why didn't Jesus raise his cousin from the dead? And if this is what the world dealt John and later, Jesus, what does this mean for us, his followers? And, how were the saints happy if they suffered so much in this life?

I've had some really interesting conversations with my kids lately. This is relatively new for us, they are getting older and suddenly this new phase of life with older children that I thought might never come is on our horizon. So, while I still found it hard to put the pale blue outfit Micah is wearing in our header photo in storage today, I just want to go on record saying: I like having really interesting conversations with my kids. I like that they're growing up.