Friday, January 01, 2010

Twenty Ten

Happy New Year and Eighth Day of Christmas!

Here are a few random quotes from around here that I don't want to forget...

Perpetual Advent:

Alex had been counting down the days to Christmas and making an announcement every morning to let us all know just how long we had left to wait. On Christmas morning, rather than calling out that it was Christmas Day he came down the stairs and announced,

"Three hundred sixty five days until next Christmas!"

A Light Shone in the Darkness:

Simeon received an Ultra Violet Blacklight flashlight for Christmas. It was meant for supercharging his glow in the dark stars on his ceiling, which it does very nicely, but it is also useful for discovering body fluids on the carpet or other places...Eeeww (like the ones I saw with plain sight weren't enough). Let's just say I will never again in my life touch an open tissue box. No, Siree. When he first opened it he wasn't sure what it was, Alex had an explanation...

"I know. It's a flashlight, but rather than shining light, it shines a beam of darkness."

And He shall be called "William":

Nicholas and Zachary are a perfect team of brains and brawn. The two of them are also eager little helpers in the kitchen. I find them especially helpful when making apple pie, which I did this Christmas. Zachary peeled the apples and centered the cutter but after pushing with all his strength he just broke the surface. That's when Nicholas took over and easily pushed the cutter through. The two of them cut every apple this way and then played with the cores like race cars. When the crust was ready for the slices, Zachary proudly brought me the fruit of their labors.

"These one are fine, but William and Bruce and Jerry have some bruising," he said.


"Oh," he said shyly, "I named some of them."

Of course you did.