Friday, December 04, 2009

In Over My Head

Have you ever started a project and then really regretted it? I just did. I had a thought to put the Christmas tree in the foyer, but then it would be nicer if the foyer were painted now wouldn't it? Yes, and no. Yes, I am sure it will look nice, but the price I'm paying is steep. It's high, it's out of reach, it's over my head...

It's twenty foot walls in the stairwell and I'm going to use this reachy-pole-thingie that extends to do it. I had all sorts of energy when I started this project, but that's all gone now and the hardest part is all that's left. Those twenty foot walls are staring at me and I just want to take my sore muscles to bed. I'd like to be observing Advent more, but here I am thinking about nothing but paint. I had all my Christmas shopping done by December first, but what's the benefit of having the stress out of the way if I use the opportunity to add other stresses? I can be so stupid sometimes.