Thursday, December 10, 2009

Call it a Day

I sip cappuccino, still wearing my flannel pajamas and new slippers. Laundry is moved, a math sheet is completed. I correct it. A spelling quiz is followed by lunch and I cut peanutbutter and applebutter sandwiches into triangles. "May I have a fruit?" "Yes, you may."

Some children are outside now and some are inside. Someone is playing the piano. I clean a bathroom, talking on walkie talkie to boys who are deep in the woods. "We just made a fort out of pines, do you read me?" I read them and scrub another toilet.

Then there's science classes--biomes, food chains, ecosystems, followed by amphibians and birds and reptiles--and I stir cranberries into sauce on the stovetop. A husband calls, a mortgage agent calls, a friend calls with exciting news--a new baby on the way! I realize the crockpot won't cook my pork roast in time and I move it to the oven, adding onions.

A neighbor stops by with her dogs and we talk on the porch. The dogs run off with my boys. "Leave it to Beaver" is now on, UPS is here with yet another mystery Christmas package. I stow it away on the highest shelf in my closet. The baby nurses and insists on being held as I make dinner. I slice potatoes for scalloping.

"Mom can you tie my shoes, Please?" "Be in before dark." And it is dark--so early. Vegetables steam--dinner is ready. I eat standing up and call up the stairs to the oldest child, "Get ready! Come Eat!" He eats sitting down, choking down what I thought was a four star dinner.

A husband arrives home. He kisses me. A baby is extatic--his hero is here and he must be held by his hero. The hero holds him as I slip out the door with the oldest child--off to Tae Kwon Doe in the darkness. The boy is chatty and pleasant in the car and I am grateful for the quiet, the darkness, this still innocent boy. I drop him off.

I head to the pharmacy and pick up medications for this one's this and that one's that. I print Christmas cards and bump into a friend. My cards are misprinted, I leave them there and go pick up the boy. I return and reprint them.

I arrive home with stocking stuffers and Christmas cards. Alas, I have forgotten the breakfast cereal, but now I am the heroine and a baby is so glad to to see me.