Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Sunday of Advent

To rescue you from your passions, the Word took on a body...

He was man, but God. David's offspring, but Adam's maker. A bearer of flesh, but even so, beyond all body. From a mother, but she a virgin. Comprehensible, but immeasurable.

A manger received him, while a star led the Magi, who so came bearing gifts, and fell on bended knee...

Food was set before him, but he fed thousands and changed the water into wine...

As man he took rest, as God he put to rest the sea.

He was the sacrifice, but the high priest: making an offering, but himself God.

He dedicated his blood to God and cleansed the entire world...He had company with the dead, but he rose from the dead, the bygone he raised up: There is the mortal's poverty, here the incorporeal's wealth.

Do not, therefore, dishonor his divinity on account of his human things, but, for the divine's sake, hold in renown the earthly form into which, thoughtful of you, he formed himself, the incorruptible Son.

St Gregory Nazianzen (circa 390) Selections taken from this month's Magnificat.