Monday, October 26, 2009

When We Were in the Mountains

When I was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia Rylant is a poetic story of childhood days and evenings spent growing up in the Appalachian mountains. It is a story of contentment, being with family and with God and finding joy in the little things.

The following is inspired by this book. We borrow the refrain, changing it only slightly to "When we were in the Mountains..." It was written as a group effort by the five oldest boys and recounts some of the things we did with our time in these beautiful mountains.

When we were in the mountains we went apple picking. The apple trees were so old and twisty. Alex said they looked "haunted."

There was a dog at the orchard and he followed us everywhere we went that day.

Zachary worried that if he picked an apple he might wake up and realize he was dreaming again, but he picked five or seven great big apples and he didn't wake up.

Later, Mom made a huge apple pie.

When we were in the mountains we carved pumpkins and toasted the seeds. Nicholas named his pumpkin, "Punky." The seeds were crunchy and tasted a little bit like nuts.

When were in the mountains we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway and sang along to Bluegrass Gospel Tunes. You could see the clouds up close.

We saw Christmas tree farms and cows and horses and even a stag with antlers one day.

When we were in the mountains we had a picnic lunch almost every day.

When we were in the mountains we hiked to the top of Grandfather Mountain. We went to a fudge shop up there and saw a real Bald Eagle.

There were many caves along the trail. At the top, we walked across a mile high swinging bridge. The people looked like ants and the cars looked like matchboxes from up that high.

When we were in the mountains we hiked around a mountain lake.

We saw fresh beaver teeth marks on the trees.

At one place there was a flood and we had to cross through mud balancing on logs.

The rotting Rhododendron tree leaves smelled tangy by that lake, like someone's sweaty feet.

When we were in the mountains we spent our evenings by a campfire roasting marshmallows or working on our puzzle. We saw some places that were on that puzzle.

When we were in the mountains we went to the gem mines. Simeon found sixteen Emeralds and Jacob found a big heavy Ruby shaped like a cylinder.

Some of those gems had rainbows inside of them.

When we were in the mountains we didn't want to be at the beach or anywhere else in the world...

...because we were in the mountains and we liked the mountains very much.

Photo credit: Everyone, including fellow travelers who offered to take our picture.
Written material by Simeon, Alex, Jacob, Zachary, and Nicholas