Monday, October 12, 2009

The Trouble With Hand-Me-Ups

I just completed the great fall clothing changeover. I might have it easier than some. For one thing, the milder weather in the south makes it so that I can drag my feet on this project or just do a little at a time if I prefer. Secondly, our All-American-Boy wardrobe really simplifies shopping, storage and hand-me-downs in general. I can buy just about any boy clearance item I like. It's sure to fit somebody..this year or next. I don't need to write "boy" next to the sizes on my storage containers. And whatever a boy doesn't destroy himself, he can hand off to his brother to finish for him. We use all we have. Precious little clothing ever leaves this house. What enters here, dies here. It's a great system overall and I feel it saves us time and money. There's just one problem at the end of the chain...

When the four year old is wearing size 5/6 and the five year old is wearing 4/5, how do you convince the older brother to take hand-me-downs from the younger one? He refuses. I have several shirts that survived Nicholas last year and would like to slip them into Zachary's drawers, but I know Zachary won't wear them. He just refuses. So, Jacob hands down to Nicholas who hands down to storage and I buy all new for Zack. I tell myself this clothes will be there for Micah someday, but somehow I doubt it will look all that great after four years in storage. It will probably find its way to Goodwill before then, and that's OK.