Sunday, October 11, 2009


The whole family ran/walked a 5K race yesterday.

Jeremy finished in 27 minutes (despite helping out with the kids) . When Simeon and Alex couldn't keep up with him, they ran together and finished in 45 minutes.

And Me, Zachary, Nicholas and Micah in the jogging stroller came in at 58 minutes (hey, it was under an hour).

Zachary and Nicholas receive their time at the two mile mark.
They were such good sports, these two, and funny little companions along the way. A 5K is a long walk for little feet and while they cracked me up with their comments about long it was, they never got discouraged and we never stopped. Micah just slept through the whole thing.

Jacob runs for the finish.
He kept steadily ahead of us and finished around 54 minutes.

Every child got a medal for participating. The kids slept well last night and many are sore this morning, but they had popcorn and hot dogs and games and prizes and cotton candy after this race so they're asking when we can do it again. It was a great day!