Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nine Months

As of yesterday, Micah was officially "ex utero" for as long as he had been "in utero." It may be a funny milestone, but it always strikes me, in part because the first nine months with a child always seem so much shorter than the gestational period. Well, Micah has learned a lot and changed a great deal in the last nine months and I thought I'd mention a few points here. Nine points, to be exact, to commemorate the occasion...

1. Crawling: Micah crawls all over the house with amazing speed and puts everything he finds into his mouth.

2. Standing: Micah pulls himself up on things and if he's holding something in his hands he thinks it is holding him up. He's actually taken several steps this way....aye, aye, aye...

3. Teeth: Micah has four teeth-- four teeth he cut all at once just in the last few days. Ouch, for both of us.

4. Papa: Micah knows his Papa and is always glad to see him come home from work. He also likes to play with Papa's ears when Papa is trying to sleep in on the weekends (Papa loves his Micah, but isn't so fond of the ear thing).

5. Brothers: Micah knows he's a Temple Boy and has some idea of what that means. He's anxious to jump into the fray. He likes being in the pool with them, the sandbox, eating pancakes with them on Saturday mornings, watching Netflix (particularly Blue's Clue's) and playing with trains. Micah loves his brothers and wants to be held by the older ones, but not so much the younger ones.

6. Country Music: Micah loves country music. He's our only southern boy and so it fits. He will stop crying in the car if I put on country. He's no fan of NPR.

7. Thumb: Micah is a thumb sucker. He's my first thumb sucker and everyone says he makes them want to suck their own thumbs because he makes it look so satisfying. As an aside, Micah likes to play with my nose with his free hand while he's sucking his thumb. That isn't so much fun-- funny, but not fun. He actually gave me a bloody nose one morning doing this--he sliced the inside of my nose with a sharp fingernail. That was a mess.

8. Expression: Micah is a highly expressive baby. He does nose crinkles and eye twinkles. He has an amazing amount of muscle tone in his eyebrows and around his mouth. The subtle combinations of all these things mean all sorts of things that Jeremy, Simeon, myself, and those in his inner circle all understand. It is very amusing.

9. Mama: Micah loves his Mama. I am still the parent of choice and am almost certain this has something to do with that fact that he is a power nurser. He doesn't eat too much else, but has creamy skin and enviably shiny hair on account of it. His love for his Mama is fully returned and then some. I am as head over heels for this little one as I was the day I realized he was with us. I love you, sweet Micah, here's to nine months and many more!