Monday, August 17, 2009

Xylichew Review

I've mentioned before that I give my children chewing gum when they are doing schoolwork. It motivates them to get to their work, improves memory and concentration, and is a safe outlet for their chewing needs. My kids are chewers.

Well, we're two weeks into school and I thought now would be a good time to review the Xylichew gum we've been testing. We give it three stars out of five. It is amazing gum in many ways, but also not so great other ways.

Amazing: It is all natural--no preservatives or artificial flavors. It isn't just free of unhealthy additives or artificial sweeteners-- the sweetener, Xylitol, is actually proven to reduce cavities by up to 80%. That's really amazing. Really amazing. The flavor is good, too, for as long as it lasts, which isn't long at. all. So enjoy the flavor while it is there.

Not So Great: The flavor really runs out fast. The consistency could be better. The price is higher than I'd like to pay. It runs about fifteen cents a piece including shipping.

So, now we're going to try Epic. This looks promising. The mint and cinnamon flavors are all natural ( the fruit flavor is not) and this brand contains the highest amount of Xylitol per piece than any other Xylitol sweetened gum. Also, this brand is known for it's superior, longer lasting flavor and good consistency. Lastly, if you buy it in bulk it is only seven cents a piece. I like all this. I'm putting my order in now and we'll let you know what we think when it arrives.