Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things vol. 6

Cleaners Edition

1. Method. I like their almond scented wood cleaner. I water it down in a spray bottle and mist it onto my kitchen floors then mop with microfiber. It cleans so well and smells so nice. Also, I use their stainless steel spray on my appliances and I love their orchard blossom Daily Granite, though it's more like "weekly granite" around here.

2. Barkeepers Friend. Any friend of the barkeeper is a friend of mine, especially if he cleans my sink and pots and makes my ceramic stovetop shine like this product does. I can't live without this stuff.

3. Borax. Good stuff. It's great for getting rid of ants, but most often I pour a scoop of it into the laundry room sink and soak my husband's gym clothes in it before laundering. What can I say, some jobs take a 20 mule team.

4. Kaboom. It works. It cleans the glass doors of my shower when nothing else will.

5. Magic eraser. It really is magic. No, really, it is. How else do you explain how wetting a little white sponge makes it remove anything off of everything?