Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Being Among My Men and Blessed Among Men

Our schedule is made and new books are ordered and some have arrived. We have been practicing our morning and night routines and have even begun light school days. We needed the peace that comes with discipline and order and so we're starting early. I expect we'll break in the fall when the weather cools down and maybe even take a mini vacation in the mountains. My heart is already there.

Some exciting new features in our schedule this year include flag football, Tae Kwon Do, and piano. We'll be doing book reports this year for the first time and I have the kids paired off in groups for afternoon science, history, geography, and religion programs. Jacob will make his first communion this year as well.

Then there's my marriage to maintain, housework to do, meals to cook, a baby to love on, family and friends to keep up with, bills to pay, doctor and dental appointments, holidays... and it all seems rather daunting. Life is full, very full. It is a wonderful thing and I am grateful...

But it makes me stop and ask myself what place this blog has in our life.

I considered making this a private blog and using it to just keep up with family and friends, but then I found myself wondering which "friends" am I looking to keep up with? The ones I know in real life, the people I've met and the community that is growing so rapidly here that we've started our own (very local) homeschool group just this last week? Or the friends I've made in the internet world, people who have been reading here whether I know it or not that find something that somehow benefits them in this little blog, Blessed Among Men?

And I realized that I couldn't know who to give the password to and who to block from reading here. That is your choice as readers, but I feel the need to warn you that while keeping this blog in its place, in an effort not to spend too much time or energy maintaining it, it may look ever more and more like a family photo album than a blog. That is to say, you may not be interested in reading here.

I've read that if you want to increase traffic to your blog, you need to stop and ask yourself how your blog can serve others. I believe that. But that is not what this blog is about. I don't need numbers and I'm not looking for traffic. This isn't a career move for me. I'm just recording some of our blessings and joys and sharing in a small way with a larger community. I love the community I find here. It is a community of intelligent, passionate, creative and devout women. I'm happy to participate as I can, but only as I can.

So, consider yourselves duly warned--for the forseeable future anyway-- this blog may only interest my mother and brothers and sisters and mother in law, or those who wish to see pictures of our kids and read the funny thing they say... because when I consider our new schedule I think that may be all that is posted here for some while. And I am Ok with that.

Thank you for understanding.