Wednesday, July 22, 2009

VBS Midweek Roundup

This Vacation Bible school thing is wonderful fun and we are really enjoying it, but we are wiped out. We are so tired, and by "we" I mean mostly ME. I need a nap just thinking about getting them all out the door and checking them all in to their respective classrooms again tomorrow. I'm spoiled. I'm used to morning routines that don't require forcing myself out of bed and getting the kids fed and groomed by a specific--and by our standards--early hour. I'm used to teaching in my pajamas by the comforts of my own coffee pot. And traffic? Who knew there was traffic on our empty roads? I guess there is if you go out on them when everybody else does.

A few readers have emailed asking me to write a bit more about VBS and what the kids are doing. After Mass, I spend the day helping out in the nursery while my kids do their crafts and sing songs and play games centered around the glorious mysteries of the rosary, so I don't see too much of what they do first hand. I hear about it, though, especially on the ride home when the kids are all talking at once.

They told me they were served rocks for snack on the first day, which, it turns out was true in a way. I guess they had round cookies that symbolized the stone that was rolled away from the tomb at the resurrection. Nicholas told me he liked "dumping the water by the humans" which I later learned had something to do with an obstacle course with a Mary's Seven Sorrows theme where the kids learned to identify with the obstacles Mary faced in living God's will for her life. I know one of my neighbors is volunteering in the kitchen. (I didn't even know she was Catholic) I know the crafts are adorable and the whole program is well designed and carried out and I don't know too, too much beyond that.

Except maybe that this is about coming together with friends and neighbors and praying as a community. It is about making new friends and learning more about our faith. It's about building memories and building up a community and it is a wonderful thing to be a part of it. Did I mention how tired I am?