Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Our First Communicant

Alexander with some of his brothers and some of his cousins on the day of his first communion, Sunday June 28th.

Alexander with Fr. Bevins, pastor of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, who interviewed Alex and gave him his first communion.

Alex waited so long for this day and prepared so thoroughly. He had missed his first communion by a few weeks when we moved last year and it has been difficult to get him in with the group down here. We actually found it easier to just go back and have him receive at our old parish. Fr Bevins was so accommodating and many, many thanks to my sister, Helene, (some of her adorable children pictured above) for hosting us all and making his day so special.

My father enrolled him in the brown scapular and he wears it faithfully day and night. My mother gave him an icon of Christ, Light of the World and he carries it under his arm throughout the day. We gave him a small prayer book and I see him thumbing through the pages. He's so proud and it makes us proud to see him so proud. God bless you, sweet Alex, and may you grow ever closer to Christ through this beautiful sacrament.