Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lessons Learned

My husband was chopping down trees yesterday and Jacob snuck up on him from behind. My husband accidentally nicked Jacob in the forehead with the axe. That sounds horrible doesn't it? Well, it wasn't so bad as it sounds. It is a smallish cut that stopped bleeding soon after and the pharmacist thought we could get away with butterfly bandages and avoid taking him in for stitches.

The real damage was probably to my husband's nerves. He had quite a scare (as you might imagine) and emphasized to the boys all afternoon that they need to stay back when he's doing heavy yard work and not come close to watch. Last night at dinner he asked them to repeat the lesson.

Him: So, what did we learn from Jacob's accident today?

Older Boy: That Papa can't be trusted with an axe.

He's definitely learning his father's sense of humor, that one.

As for me, I've put in an order with St Peter for two or three back up guardian angels. One per child just doesn't seem enough sometimes.