Monday, July 20, 2009

Homeschoolers at VBS

Today was our first day of Vacation Bible School. My kids are loving the novelty of name tags, child sized desks, attention from staff, snacks and just generally, the exciting and "schoolish" atmosphere of it all. It is a lovely theme this year, the glorious mysteries of the rosary, and now we all have pale blue T shirts with Mary on the front and the mysteries on the back. This is Catholic bible school, folks, and we're proud.

Tonight at dinner I told my husband how Nicholas had a little trouble being "dropped off." I've never dropped him off anywhere, ever. My husband said, "Well, he was with Zachary, right?"

"No," I explained,"We were all separated. Each kid was in a different classroom."

"I didn't understand that part," Alex chimed in, "We all did the same things, so why did they have to rate us?"

"Rate you?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said,"like... grade one, grade two, grade three..."

He was thinking of "grade" like it's done with maple syrup, you know?