Sunday, May 17, 2009

These Two

The other day, I thought Zachary would appreciate a one on one trip to the craft store with me. I was wrong. As we headed for the door, I saw Nicholas was prepared to come, too. I explained that the outing wasn't for him.

Zachary objected, "He wants to come, too."

"Yes," I said, "but this was for me and you alone together."

Zachary looked confused "...But I like him," he said.

So we all went together.

Then today my husband was running out to pick up a few things for the garden. Zachary asked to go along and my husband agreed to take him.

"Oh yea!" Nicholas said running after them, "We're going to Home Depot."

"No Nicholas, Papa is just running a quick errand with Zachary. He'll be right back. So, you stay here. Is there something I could put on for you? (I meant on the Netflix box)."

"Yes!" Nicholas said with glee, "my shoes."

And so they all went together.