Thursday, May 21, 2009

(Re) finished!

I'm so pleased with the way this project came out. For one thing, the table and chairs are not a set so I was able to match the wood a little better with a new stain. I used three coats of Poly and a finishing wax. The finishing wax made all the difference. It buffed the table to a velvety sheen. The can says to reapply the wax every six months or so to ensure a lasting finish.

You can see the wainscot in the background, too. I didn't end up doing that project myself. I had no idea how to handle the corners, so I hired a carpenter to install the materials I had purchased. The result is really nice. It adds a Cape Cod feel to the kitchen and protects those walls that were getting beat up by the chairs.

Next, I'm painting the wall Hawthorne Yellow, then I'll sew curtains. To help decide on fabric and a pattern for this kitchen window, I'm imagining a summer dress. Would you wear a summer dress based on a similar pattern and style as your kitchen curtains?