Monday, April 13, 2009

This is the Day the Lord Has Made, Rejoice!

Highlights of a Happy Easter

It started raining here on Good Friday at oh, just about 3:00. Holy Saturday was cold with sun and clouds. We couldn't have had a more glorious Easter sunrise or bright, clear morning and day. I love it when nature observes the liturgical season.

In our house, the Easter bunny hangs out with angels.

The mess before the Mass.
Simeon says, "I know why the ancient Chinese lived so long. It was because they had no Peeps in their diet." Likely true.

We left early for Mass, but not early enough. Our parish is overflowing.

In the south where the Church is growing so fast the buildings can't keep up, Cafeteria Catholics could just as easily be those who couldn't get a seat and are watching Mass on a large screen television in the parish cafeteria.

We decided to leave and come back for the later Mass. We took pictures while we waited...

...and swung on the parish school swings.

Jacob loved wearing a tie. He kept saying, "I look like a man going to work."

In the end, it was worth the wait. Mass was beautiful. Simeon served at the altar and Jacob and Nicholas held the offering basket for the children's offering.

Then we went home and ate ham and potatoes and more chocolate and spent a wonderful evening with friends. There were lots of children, lots of sugar, and lots of joy.

But then this morning I woke up and I have completely lost my voice. So, if I owe you a phone call, don't expect it. I'll be silently cleaning up and folding laundry today.

Happy Easter, everyone!