Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things vol. 6

Frog tape. I've had disappointing experiences with bleed-through blue painter's tape and have hesitated to add color around here for fear of ruining the clean lines of a professional job. Now a year has passed and the nail pops have all popped and I'm tired of the monochromatic look we've had, so I did my homework. I found this expensive frog tape that promised a professional look and took my chances. It did not disappoint. I am very happy with these clean lines. It's pricey for tape (about twice the cost of blue tape) but worth the few extra dollars in my opinion.

Ralph Lauren Suede. This paint and texture really warms a room. I don't know if this picture captures the texture, exactly, but it really looks like suede on the walls. I used this paint in Connecticut to get our house ready for sale and fell in love with it. Now it's mine to keep. I am so pleased with these results in our dining room. One room down, too many to think about to go.