Friday, April 03, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things vol. 4

We like to let the kids read in bed for as long as they want. So, we've had our share of reading lights and our share of reading light problems. From cheaply made plastic lights falling apart, to lights so battery-hungry we couldn't keep up, to burn 'em up in bed hot lights, to clip lights that scratched the furniture, we've had our share of problems.

These lights are fantastic on all fronts. They are sturdy and have strong flexible goosenecks. They plug in and come with a low-energy using LED bulb that says it will last 30,000 hours (that's a lot of reading). They don't get hot and the clip has a rubber lining that prevents damage to furniture. The bulb is bright enough to read by, creating a small dome of light for each child private enough to allow others in the room to sleep. We're so happy with these.

Off to the library to resupply the books!