Sunday, March 29, 2009

Was I the Only One Who Didn't Know That...vol.1

...Vinegar cleans mildew stains?

My patio furniture is looking much better now that I've learned this. I used vinegar on our outdoor cushions that sit through humid summer days here and had many dark stains left over from last year despite my having scrubbed them, soaked them and laundered them all twice. I poured the vinegar straight on the stain and let it sit. The stains broke up and faded right before my eyes. The cushions don't look brand new, but they are much, much improved. These cushions will certainly serve us another year. Alex got a whiff of this and asked, "Why do I smell chips?" I'll most likely need to launder that smell out now.

We're getting the porch ready for eating outdoors again and reading nights on those newly brightened cushions. I love spring.