Sunday, March 08, 2009

Prayer I am so impressed.

While I was out shopping for spring clothes for the boys, I misplaced my cell phone. I had it in a side pocket of the diaper bag where it could easily slip out. I'd been to a few stores and wasn't sure if it slipped out while I was nursing Micah in the back of one consignment shop, or if I left it in the cart of another. I searched the car and didn't find it. Since we use prepaid cell phone service, the loss of the phone also meant the loss of many prepaid minutes and I was starting to feel sick about it so I prayed to St Anthony the whole way home,

"Please, please, please St Anthony. I need to find my cell phone. Please don't let it be stolen. Please get it back to me. Please."

When I arrived home, I went to take Micah's car seat out of the back and there it was. My cell phone was lying there in plain sight on the floor of the car. How could I have missed it? I was relieved, very relieved and thankful, but felt more stupid than blessed by an answered prayer...

...but the story isn't over.

When I got into the house, I hung a few new blouses in my own closet. I took an old over shirt off its hanger to make room for the new things and felt something heavy in its pocket. I reached inside and found, to my great surprise, my old (as in very old) cell phone--a phone I misplaced nearly two years ago. Chills ran down my spine.

I'd given up looking for that phone ages ago. I never thought I'd see it again. I'd replaced it with my current phone. The old one is in good shape with pictures on it and video from our vacation in Cape Cod. We must have unwittingly moved it with us from Connecticut in that old shirt. I'm amazed, simply amazed. This may be a small thing, a seemingly unimportant thing but I think it happened to remind me of something very big and very important...

Prayer is powerful stuff.