Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two for Two

Two Complaints:

1. The Berenstein Bears theme song drives me nuts! It is so very stupid. That line, the one that goes "They are kinda furry around the torso. They're just like humans, only more so." What!? That is a STRETCH to get a BAD rhyme, and just what does it mean to say these bears are more human than humans? I wouldn't complain if the song weren't stuck in my head. AHHH. Kill me now! Please!

2. I have a system for organizing food in my refrigerator and pantry that is both simple and sophisticated. There are many principles of organization, but they are all based on common sense. Gallons of milk, for example, go in the only place that gallons will fit. All other beverages go there as well since beverages are kept together and so on. Anyway, it occurred to me the other day, as I was moving the ketchup out of the place allotted for beverages and putting it in the obvious condiment area, that I am the ONLY one in this house that is at all aware of my clever little system.

Two Things that are Making me Happy:

1. Books. An overdue trip to the library last week reminded me of how lucky we are to have a good local library. We picked up many, many beautiful picture books and sweet little story books as well as some audio books. Our lives are enriched and it is all free! We took one day last week to just read, read, read. Today, we made bookmarks for some of our first time chapter book readers. Books are just lovely. We love books.


I love this kid. So. much.
Last Sunday as I was leaving church, a woman approached me to say she thought Micah was adorable in his sling. Her teenage son sauntered up behind her, casually looked down at us, and said in a voice that just oozed cool, "He is awesome." I have to agree. He is awesome.