Monday, February 16, 2009

Making History

Even before I was awake on Friday morning, the children had declared their independence. They had elected Jacob to serve as their first president and were printing their own currency. The declaration reads...

The Little Nation of Independence
We will be a free little nation. We will vote on matters and do good. We will do our duty. We will choose one boy to be our president. He will not be a king. We will have a good nation. A president can last three days before a new president. We will have a court. It will decide who is guilty or not. We will form our own schools, military, and police. We all will have many rights like life, liberty and freedom. We will be a good nation under God.

I love how what they are declaring is one and the same with the name of their new nation. I love the emphasis on how "good" they will be, the idea that they will "all have many rights," and that the president only lasts three days.

Naturally, I corrected their spelling. Then, I helped them boil water for tea to make parchment paper from a sheet of watercolor for an authentic looking draft of their declaration. I drew light pencil lines on the parchment when it was ready to be drafted and I helped more than a few boys sign their "John Handcock." Surprisingly, all my assistance didn't make them feel any less independent.

Saturday morning while my husband was making pancakes, the boys were already busy amending their constitution to allow for impeachment proceedings against Jacob. I guess they couldn't just wait the three days out before electing a new president. I'm not clear on what he did to merit such severe action. Constitutional amendments and impeachment proceedings on the second day of independence? So much for a "good" little nation.