Thursday, January 29, 2009

Small Successes

Check out Faith and Family Live! where women from all over the blogosphere share their small successes of the week in an effort to encourage themselves and each other. Here are mine...

1. I've put a new face on our homeschooling by adding drilling that's fun! Besides the dry erase math competitions we've begun, I've started phonics and spelling competitions as well. We've added interest with a new money jar manipulative, I ordered some of these science readers for Alex, Weekly Readers for Simeon (these are so great!), and grammar drill work for use with a newly laminated prepositions crib sheet. Also, I just ordered this book which isn't drilling at all, but looks like plain ol' fun and we've been making an entry a day in these journals. Alex, especially, has kept me entertained with his journal entries.

2. I didn't eat that third piece of chocolate that called to me from the pantry today. Two is enough. Why do I so often think chocolate will satisfy my every desire and solve my every problem? Oh yea, because it often does. Still, two pieces is enough.

3. I wrote a blog post with links! Not just a picture, not just a sentence, but an actual post that actually participates in a linky love bloggy thing and it wasn't all about Micah! It's not the post I've been wanting to write (which IS all about Micah), but I'll get to that.