Friday, January 23, 2009

And Now a Few Words

I've had a few posts brewing but can't seem to pull them together. Between endless illness and the night nursing schedule, I find myself really dragging these days. I was wondering why I found everything so frustrating yesterday when I realized that all I probably needed was a good nap. I took it and was all the better for it.

I'm still tired, but I think we are getting over our various ailments. I hesitate to declare victory, though, because every time I have, I've had to eat my words within hours. Micah has managed well without suction treatment all week and yesterday he weighed in at 10 pounds 11 ounces! He's becoming a real butterball and we just love his multiple chins, dimpled knuckles, and the rolls around his thighs. He's also smiling real smiles for us now. At that first little grin of his, when our eyes met and he gave me that first knowing smile, he paid me back for morning sickness and lack of breath, for rib kicking, labor pains, and every sleepless night. I love those smiles.

I'm reading Gary Taubes "Good Calories, Bad Calories" as I can. I mean I read the words at night thinking it will help me unwind, but the next day I can't remember a thing I read. Maybe when I get more sleep I'll have something to say about this book?

Did you watch LOST? We did and here are a few thoughts...

1. When a new character is introduced on LOST as though he has been there all along, expect disaster. Hello annoying "Neal" your presence tells me something is about to happen. Oh, hello flaming arrows from mysterious shooters killing off Neal and other extras.

2. Hurley is too cute. He's such a big, little boy. I loved the scene where he escapes from the mental institution, has his face plastered all over the news with reports that he has killed people, shows up at home with a comatose Sayid over his back and tells his mother the most OUTLANDISH explanation which also happens to be the truth and she belives him! "I don't understand you," she says, "but I believe you." A mother knows.

3. Ben, with those monotone lines, bug eyes, and thin lips of his really creeps me out. Run, Hurley, run!

4. Why is it that I don't mind the thought of everyone going back to that wretched island, even the characters I like, but not Desmond? That guy has served his time. Well, if he does have to go back, I hope this time it isn't without Penny.

5. "When are we?" This seems to be the theme of the new season. Time travel and skipping through it like a broken record. It's going to be a tough season to follow and figure, I'm predicting. Just thinking about it might make your nose bleed.