Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thanks For the Email

Thanks, everyone, for your email! It is great to hear from all of you and nice to know that you're still out there. I'm trying to answer each email, but that may take me a little time, so I thought I'd answer some questions here...

A few of you have asked if I know that my comments are off:

Yes, I know my comments are off and I know there are down sides to that. I don't mean to be rude or give the impression your comments are unwelcome, they are welcome. I love to hear from you! But I find it easier to get my laundry done and floors mopped if I limit the back and forth of blogging to email. Thank you for understanding.

Someone wanted to know if this a big move for our family:

Yes, it is. It took us more than a day to drive here, though less than a week. This was one of our stops along the way...

where Nicholas picked me some of these flowers
(sorry, George W.)

and we now live in a place where these can be found in the back yard.

We're settling in well, one day at a time. I find myself staring for long moments at an object or wall hanging waiting for the thing to tell me where it belongs in this new house. I also feel as though it doesn't matter since I seem to be living more at Big Box Mart than at the house anyway. It's amazing how much you need to buy when you move. It's amazing how much you throw away!

Once, we were going to visit my sister and she asked that the boys bring their pillows as she didn't have so many extra pillows. I didn't think of it until we were heading to the car and I called the boys to get their pillows. When they came bounding of the house, I didn't think I had ever seen such filthy pillows in all my life. I was really grossed out and had to fetch each child a fresh pillow case for the trip. The fact is, if we hadn't been going somewhere I'd have never noticed their pillow cases were dirty and probably would have let them sleep on them that night as they were, but you bring them out into the sunlight and they simply must, MUST be changed.

Moving is like that. Everything you own, and I mean everything gets brought out into the sunlight and you realize half of what you own needs a darn good scrubbing and the other half just needs to be thrown away.

Monday, April 28, 2008

We're Here!

This is it! We have arrived at our new home in Somewhere Else, USA. Ok, we've been here a couple of weeks now, but as you might imagine things have been a little crazy and even once I found the cardboard box labeled "computer" and my husband set it up, I just couldn't find much time to spend on it. Now I feel sorta funny blogging as I don't where to start or if anybody is reading or what. It feels a little like talking into a tin can. Hello? Anybody there? We're here. And we're happy to be here.

Monday, April 07, 2008

I Couldn't Resist

One last thing...

Me: I'll miss my garbage disposal, I'll tell you that.

Jacob: You could always call it.

The Movers Are Here...

...We'll be back when we can.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Household Economy

Ever since he saw a set of nerf guns in a catalog and decided that he must have them for himself and his brothers, a certain son of ours has been overheard calculating...

"Five dollars and eighty cents, five dollars and ninety cents...plus that dime I found in the car makes six dollars," he counted in his room. "The tooth fairy owes me two dollars," he said later, "That makes eight dollars and if I work for one hour and get paid ten dollars an hour, I'd have eighteen dollars and I'd only need two dollars more."

Ten dollars an hour? Who's going to pay him that?

Doesn't he realize employment is down and we're in the middle of a recession? Ah well, since there is plenty of work around here these last few days before our move, we'll do our part to stimulate the economy and see if we can't pay him four dollars an hour for three hours of work.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Birthday Party Theme Idea For the Big 04

Zachary: Do you know what a disco ball is, Mama? It's a great big ball, but not the kind you bounce, and it has lights on it and mirrors and the lights blink and that makes you dance. That's all you need for a really great party. That, and cupcakes.

Me: Very interesting, Zachary, and where did you learn all this?

Zachary: In my brain.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Farewell to Zippy

Zippy was my husband's commuter car. He was a gift from my brother "D" who tried to kill the thing with poor maintenance. He was hoping to have a reason to get rid of a car he didn't like, but Zippy just wouldn't stop running. We needed a car at the time so, he very generously gave it to us rather than sell it or use it as a trade in. My husband was glad to take it and thought it was the perfect car to drive the 140 miles to and from his job in New York every day.

The boys named Zippy for his pick up and go and the way he seemed to just skirt around town compared to our old minivan. My husband appreciated Zippy. The boys loved Zippy. I tolerated Zippy. Zippy has torn up seats, scratched up sides from bike handles, a cracked windshield, and a trunk that hasn't opened since 2005.

With the upcoming move, I've really encouraged my husband to donate Zippy to a worthy cause. My husband wanted to sell him. I didn't think it would be worth the trouble. My husband did. He placed an ad that I read for the first time today...

Toyota Tercel, w 189,000 miles. Engine and timing belt replaced at 112K miles, with records available. I must sell within the next week because I am relocating for a new job (and my wife says I can't take the car).
I can't believe he put that last part in the ad.

Surprisingly, there's been overwhelming response to this ad and the car will probably go this weekend. Amazing. Goodbye Zippy. It's been nice not having a car payment. Thank you for that and I hope you are happy in your new driveway home and don't have to work so hard and can just die in peace.

In other news, there's a queen-sized box spring in my dining room. When we bought this house, we couldn't get it up the sub-sized stairwell and my brother "M" came over to disassemble it, haul it up the stairs and reassemble it in our bedroom. I remember this ordeal as a very difficult and trying experience that took several weeks to resolve and ever since then I've dreaded the sale of this house and the inevitable disassembly and reassembly of that thing all over again. That's why I decided to start the project early.

The fact is, I've done many, many household projects in the interim including, but not limited to, laying tile, replacing toilets and sinks, and insulating the attic (I was three months pregnant when we did that last one). I've learned to wield a power drill like Rosie the Riveter and I just didn't see how far a little experience gets you or how simple the box spring project truly was. Today, I took the thing apart and reassembled it in the dinning room by myself in less than an hour while drinking a cup of tea.

Great, hu? I thought so. But all my husband sees is that he'll be sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a week when I could have just done this on the day of the move. Oh well. It's a good thing we both have a sense of humor.