Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On Blessings

Last Sunday, I waddled up the communion line with a preschooler in each hand. My husband was just behind me managing two other pre-communicants and our oldest was serving at the altar. As we manage so many little ones, I admit that I sometimes feel watched and I worry that some child will mess up, trip or-- worse-- trip somebody else.

After I received the Eucharist, father bent low and carefully blessed the child on my left. Then he bent again and blessed the child on my right. Just as I thought we'd held up the line long enough, I realized the blessings weren't over. Father T, who had just fed my soul on the Bread of Angels and fed my heart with yet another of his beautiful homilies bent yet again and slowly, deliberately blessed the child in my womb. The gesture took me by delightful surprise. Any embarrassment I had felt at being such a "crowd" at the front of the communion line melted into happiness. How blessed we were-- so many blessings upon our many blessings! As I waddled back to my seat to pray in thanksgiving, I could not suppress a smile.

That same smile came to my face when I read about the new blessing service for children in the womb that the bishops have approved. You can read about it at Faith and Family....and who is that headless pregnant lady??