Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hope and Life

We're feeling a bit "blue" today. The weather is dark and cloudy to match our overall mood, but we know the sun is behind those clouds and our thoughts are focused on what won't change...

This beautiful and deeply loved little one is in our prayers today.

We welcome this one into the world with great joy!

We're thanking God for this one whose heart beats strong and...

...many, many others we know within our own family and among many friends.

We're remembering a story from last Sunday's homily. Father received a call from a young woman named "Rosealba" (white rose) whom he had met outside an abortion clinic many months ago. She had given birth to the baby whose life she came to see as a blessing and not a punishment. She was thanking Father for giving her the strength and encouragement to do what was right at a time when she felt so alone and had given up all hope.

We're thinking of the great success of the 40 Days for life campaign,

the way the Bishops of America have spoken out for life these last few months,

and we see hope in the continued thoughts, plans and efforts of the Pro life movement.

We may find new ways to change more hearts when more laws are against us.

The choice for life is the choice that gives hope...

...and I hope and believe that the most radically pro-abortion president in American history was chosen by the people despite his radical stance and not because of it.

Lastly, I find it somewhat ironic that on this day the baby ticker in my sidebar tells me that my little one has just learned to open his eyes when he is awake. May we, in America, learn to do the same.