Friday, November 28, 2008

Day After Thanksgiving

Any day that starts with pumpkin pie for breakfast is a good day in my book. Hey, it has eggs in it. I spent most of this Black Friday finding chores I could complete while sitting on the couch. Much laundry has been folded today and Nicholas and I perused catalogs while sipping tea. I actually enjoy looking through Christmas catalogs when all the shopping is done. It is so nice to be done before Advent. This Advent is a double preparation and I'm looking forward to every moment.

The boys used wood scraps from a project my husband completed to make these cool vehicles. They painted them and have even constructed garages for them from cardboard.

We saw Venus and Jupiter aligned after sunset and will look again on Dec. 1st when a crescent moon joins them to form a "temporary frowny face in the sky."

Now more cornbread is baking and a game of Monopoly is on downstairs. I hope your day was as unhurried and pleasant as mine.