Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Remember What You Know

Until very recently, we hadn't talked with our children about abortion. We hadn't been especially hiding the topic from them, but neither had they asked and so we really didn't see any need to introduce them to such an ugly reality.

It was inevitable, especially in our circles of concerned pro-life friends, that the topic would come up sooner or later and we'd have to discuss it. I'm actually surprised it didn't happen sooner. I wasn't there when the conversation took place and my son didn't tell me about it later. As it happened, my friend's daughter told her all about it and I received a concerned email.

It seems the topic came up as an important issue in this election. My oldest son asked what the word meant and another child explained it to him. My friend's daughter stepped in to warn that such topics shouldn't be discussed because my son may not know what it is yet. "I do now," my son said. I guess it was too late.

My poor friend was mortified to learn this from her daughter, but I was only pleased to know that the conversation had happened so that I might discuss the topic with my son. I'd rather he learn about this from his pro-life friends and talk about it with us, his parents, rather than piece it together from things he reads in the newspaper, hears occasionally on NPR (I don't always turn the volume down in time) or from other liberal media sources.

That night we sat down with our son and asked him if he had learned something about abortion that he'd like to discuss with us. "No," he stuttered. I think he thought he might be in trouble. "Well... sorta..." he went on uncomfortably. Did someone tell you what it is? I asked. "You tell me what it is," he said, hesitant to show his cards.

"Abortion is when a mother asks a doctor to end her pregnancy. The doctor takes the baby out of the mother's body before it is meant to be born."

"But..." and here's where I saw what must have been on his mind since he first heard about it, "but that's... MURDER." He was certain. There was no doubt in his mind that abortion was the murder of a human being. Along with his certainty was an audible doubt. A doubt about how this could happen in our country. He wondered how, how could this be legal? Why aren't people going to jail? In short, how is it that those who participate in and publicly support abortion are getting away with murder?

"That's right," my husband said, "It is murder. That's why you need to remember what I told you about forming your conscience. You need to remember what you know is right and what you know is wrong. People who warp their conscience to suit themselves wind up believing all sorts of evil things are good and they even convince other people of the same. Don't ever let that happen to you."

And that, I believe, is exactly Fr Corapi's point in his "Eleventh Hour Pre-election Alert"

Remember what you know. Vote your informed conscience this election. Vote for life.