Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Job Creation: Doing My Part

Me: (hollering up the stairs) Who will come and vacuum the dining room for me? Whoever does so will earn my eternal appreciation...

Older Child: I will.

Me:...my affection...my love...deepest respect...kisses...

Older Child: (passing me) And a dollar.

Me: OK, and a dollar.

If you can measure how difficult things have become for me in this third trimester by the amount of money I owe my children for doing simple household chores...well, then things are getting fairly difficult and my children are getting fairly rich. Still, I think I'm getting a good deal. Who will clean an entire garage for three dollars? Wash pots, sweep, and mop a kitchen for two? Even in this economic climate, only boys saving for a pet snake and tank will work for such pathetic wages. Yes, pet snake. We'll have to see about that.