Monday, September 29, 2008

Trains in the Foyer

When we moved here, I put our indoor/outdoor Home Depot black boot carpet in our large new hardwood foyer because that is what I had in the old, small foyer and so there you go. As I was doing so, I wondered what I would do with two of our three area carpets that I liked so well, but there was no place for as there is much less hardwood in this house. I wound up leaving them rolled up in paper out in the garage.

Then I saw this picture from this post at Margaret's place.

Duh, I told myself with all due respect, you can put a real carpet in your foyer now. The black boot carpet should probably go on the covered porch outside.

I had the boys tear the paper off a blue carpet I had been missing and haul it inside to see how it would fit. It fit beautifully. It looked wonderful! It looked like home. The littlest ones ran off and came back with a tub of wooden trains.


And then I realized what this carpet meant to them. This was a little piece of Connecticut Life, a pattern in colors they remembered from those days now gone. This carpet was the road map, the backdrop, the landscape behind and surrounding much of their play in that bygone place of happy memory. This was a piece of the life that had left them and they had accepted its passing, but now a part of it was suddenly and unexpectedly returned. This was a cause for celebration and the trains came out to celebrate. They would play here again as they had before. And they played. And played . And played. Everyday now, my foyer is full of trains.

If you come to see me, you may wipe your feet on the boot carpet outside my front door, but you'd have a hard time entering or seeing the now proper carpet in the foyer. I'll bring you a glass of lemonade--it's summer here now you know--and we can sit and rock on the porch.