Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Privilege and Service

I live a life of privilege. It's true. Some people in my neighborhood here think I'm a "trooper" for having all these children and educating them at home. I smile when I hear this.

Others I know consider the trials of my life more than any self respecting woman should have to bear. Others still think I'm just crazy. Whatever anyone thinks, I know that to devote myself to working exclusively in my home and serving my family is a Christian right and a privilege. I answer to no one, but to a husband who has vowed to love me with his very life and to a God who died to save me from my sin.

I am a truly liberated woman.

I work for nobody but for those who return my love and for a God who cannot be outdone in generosity. I am paid one hundred fold for the work I do here whether that work be the pains of pregnancy, the labor of keeping house, or the struggles of educating many small children. I am rewarded with a life of abundant blessing and joy, joy, joy like I'd never known amidst the normal trials expected for one trying to work out her salvation in fear and trembling.

To lay this privileged life aside, my right to a life of exclusive service to my family in order to also serve another good, a common good, a public good with obligations and actual responsibilities would be a great sacrifice indeed and one I would not choose lightly. Frankly, I would not want it.

But that Gov. Sarah Palin does accept it, that in addition to serving her own family she stands up to fight in the public square for the sanctity of all life and for all families, to be a voice like none other before that will be heard, that she gives voice to the voiceless and says so well the things our nation needs to hear, that Gov Palin takes on the additional sacrifice of service to her country and does so at cost to herself for the sake of you and me and every American who values human life is no shame to her. Neither is it a condemnation of our way of life. Gov. Palin, as far as I can see, is no self-promoting careerist. She is a public servant and the public needs her service.

So long as Sarah Palin makes the choices she does in order to promote justice and not to serve and promote herself with disregard for the needs of others, she does no wrong to accept the burdens of service to our country. She deserves our thanks and applause.