Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Blessed Among Men turns two today. I kinda started my own tradition last year of cleaning out my drafts folder on this day and posting a few, so here goes...

There was this draft without a title that looks like the beginnings of a defense of celebrating Halloween??

We found Darth Vader appropriate pants. I also repaired his slightly chewed light saber. I bought a sound effects sword for my Crusader and convinced Prince Philip not to wear Aladdin's turban with his costume. My youngest firefighter thinks he should wear a backpack and carry a drill. I'm OK with that.

We've also found All Saint's Day costumes for the kids whose costumes won't convert (pun absolutely intended) into Saints. That party is on Friday. We like Halloween. We like All Saint's Day. We celebrate both.

You might remember this post?

I wasn't there, but I'm told by their father that today's woodland adventure led the boys up to an eighty foot drop with a lake at the bottom. Do you suppose that's why they call that destination, "Plunge Pool?" Thank goodness for that safety wire thingie. I mean, without that incredibly safe-looking barrier someone could...AAAaaaaa...I don't even want to type it.

Well, this was originally followed up by my husband's response...


I kept thinking of you. I mean, I was really nervous. It was like Whoa, Nicholas OK look, but stay back, you know what I mean? If I was nervous, I just kept thinking you'd have been a wreck. It was just good that you were at home. That's all. I'm really glad you weren't there.

I didn't post his response because I was a wreck. There or not, I was a wreck.

I found this Christmas Eve post that was never posted...

Giving Things (Away):

After a chaotic "formal" Christmas Eve dinner.

Me: I'm glad we're so far along in the wrapping because I am wiped out tonight.

Jacob: Yeah, boy, I sure am glad we wrapped your ipod today.

Then there's this...
Not Now:

There is a boy standing in my doorway holding his new "Grow Your Own Crystals" kit. He's looking at me and I'm just going to keep looking at this screen.

We eventually did grow those crystals.

And this...

Sometimes You Just Need to Make Stuff Up:

Zachary: (painting) Mama what color eyes do rhinoceroses have?

Me: Uh, they don't

Lastly, I found this after bedtime conversation snippet that never went anywhere...

Do you ever have nightmares, Mama?

I do, Zachary, but not very often.

When you were a little girl?

Yes, when I was a little girl. Do you have nightmares?

Yes. I do. That's why sometimes I don't want to sleep.

Your nightmares are that bad? What about?

Well, about a big angry pumpkin that follows me around, I've had some. (eyes water) Also, I dreamed I was caught in that machine at the bowling alley that the balls come out from and I disappeared and didn't come out again. Neither dead, nor alive. (shrugs shoulders) I just didn't see me come out.

Oh Zachy, I'm sorry. That's scary.

Yeah, (lip curls) also once I dreamed I was lost to you and lost to Papa and I was driving the van and I didn't know how to stop it because I was still only three years old in my dream.

Oh Zachy, you need to think happy thoughts before going to sleep. Think about flowers and butterflies and your favorite toys. Think about Papa coming home from work and about playing games with your brothers. Ask your guardian angel to help you think about things that make you happy.

And also sleep in your bed.


Yes. I never ever have nightmares when I sleep in your bed.



Then you come sleep in our bed, OK? Whenever you want.


Thanks for reading, friends, for your email (since I've turned comments off) and your encouragement. They mean so much. I haven't figured out, yet, whether blogging is a bad habit I just need to quit or if it's this unexpected, wonderful, and innovative way to stay at home with my children and still feel, in some small but consistent way, that we are a part of a larger world. So long as this blog doesn't interfere with our priorities, I'll probably be coming back here.

Lastly, and to start the school year off right, I'd like to renew our commitment to our motto:

Thanks again, we love you people!