Sunday, August 24, 2008

Funny Big 'ol List

I had to laugh about this list of tips for Northerners moving South found at Mommy Life. We moved to an area full of Northern transplants so we don't feel so out of place, but every once in a while we have an exchange like the one we had yesterday.

Two men were here selling wholesale meat products (there is no end to door to door solicitation here). One gentleman saw that I was skeptical and thought he could sell me by talking about his famous recipe for "Chicken Fried Steak" that he'd throw into the deal free of charge. At least I think that's what he said.

Chicken Fried What? How about Duck Roasted Shrimp? Or Turkey Baked Lamb? I laughed to myself because it reminded me of that Saturday Night Live skit where Jessica Simpson advertises "Chicken of the Sea brand tuna--America's #1 non-Chicken brand fish." Then Nick Lachey asks "But...what if you wanted tuna that is chicken?" He then offers her "Tuna of the Dirt brand chicken--100% top-grade tuna-free canned chicken" and it just gets sillier from there.

At this point, the second gentleman noticed his partner's angle wasn't working on me and said to the first, "Do you hear her accent? Stop talking about yer cookin' and offer her some NY strip!"

Just so you know, I don't have a NY accent though most of my friends here do.