Thursday, July 03, 2008

Please Pass the Oxygen

Hello Everyone!

It seems I just don't make it to the computer very often these days. Though real life has kept me on my toes, I haven't forgotten about this little spot in cyberspace. In fact, I've had many ideas for blog posts and even drafted parts of some that never made it to press.

Let's see, there was the post on the unknown gender of baby number six. Pink or blue? And all the crazy-mixed-up feelings I have surrounding this issue, feelings I don't care to share with the strangers who ask and so I was going to dump them all on you, dear reader--but that thought was interrupted by a trip to the emergency room. (Everyone is OK now, thank goodness.)

Then there was a post on how we deal with the theory of evolution in our homeschool--a theory that presents itself in more or less innocuous ways through the many books we read, the documentaries we watch, and the museums we visit. Faith has nothing to fear from real science, but what exactly does faith require we believe in this regard? And what is the scientific evidence behind the theories? But this thought, too, was interrupted by a second emergency medical trip. (Everyone is OK now, thank goodness.)

Ah yes, and then there was the post on my most recent nutritional reading. Nourishing Traditions has caused me to become frightened of even the last few foods offered at my local grocers that I considered "healthy." If it isn't Mercury, trans fats, pesticides, preservatives, yellow #5, red #40, or MSG, it might be rancid oils, antinutrients, or salmonella. Don't forget to consider, also, which foods your food ate and if they were treated with antibiotics. Never buy foods processed under high temperatures or intense pressure (no homogenized milk, no boxed cereal, no canned beans). Balance your Omega 3s and 6s. Ferment your own foods. Beware of irradiated spices and free radicals! Soak all grains and never use the microwave! Much of this kind of input combined with rising food costs has made the grocery store one the most frightening places on Earth! Adam and Eve had it good with that Tree of Life growing in their own backyard. Imagine...

The last post I had for you, but never wrote was on pregnancy oddities like the fact that suddenly and out of the blue I love the flavor of cherries. I've never liked cherry anything. Never. Now it's my absolute favoritest flavor. Weird. But pregnancy isn't all a bowl of cherries. I also can't ever get enough oxygen. I take a shower-- I'm out of breath for the morning. I climb the stairs-- I'm out of breath for the afternoon. I can't raise my arms without gasping and I dream of having a huge oxygen tank beside my bed at night. An now, after typing this post, I am completely out of breath.

Have a Happy Fourth of July, all!